Logitech Electronics manufactures a range of standard instrumentation, most of which can be customised to suit the customer's requirements, even for small-volume orders. 

Our 200 Series is our competitively-priced entry-level Counter/Tachometer; for a more versatile, more highly-customisable model our 2000 Series of Counters/Tachometers/Timers is the perfect choice.

We also make the Logitech 3000 Series of dedicated batch controllers.

The Logitrace upgrade to Taylor Hobson Talyrond Systems can also be configured for other OEMs of roundness, straightness and cylindricity measuring equipment.

200 Series

200 Series tachometer/counter
for a variety of applications including RPM measurement, flow rate, and more

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2000 Series

A more versatile, highly-customisable, range of counters/tachometers/timers with a six-decade display

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3000 Series

A dedicated range of batch controllers
for cut-to-length systems, liquid dispensing, and more

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System for the measurement of roundness, straightness and cylindricity

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