Logitech Electronics manufactures a range of modules:

Our SigPro-USB signal processing module is the most versatile; it functions as a frequency-to-voltage converter, a frequency-to-current converter, a frequency-to-digital-output (TTL-compatible) converter, and as a tachometer. It comes with a Windows-compatible software interface.

For discrete applications we have the Diff1 Differential Amplifier, a self-contained signal conditioning module, designed to work in conjunction with our range of magnetic pickups; the FVM10, a frequency-to-voltage converter to interface pickups or flowmeters with existing equipment; or the SCMTTL, a TTL-compatible frequency-to-digital-output module.




Versatile signal processing/conditioning module

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Differential Amplifier

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frequency-to-voltage conversion module

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TTL-compatible frequency-to-digital-output conversion module

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Please visit our Support/Downloads page to download user guides for all of our modules