3000 Series

Batch Controllers

The Logitech 3000 Series is a dedicated range of batch controllers.

Typical applications include:

cut-to-length systems
liquid dispensing
liquid mixing

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3000 Series Batch Controllers Display Panel

3000 Series Display Panel


Easy to set up and operate
6-decade high-brightness LED display
external start/stop/reset buttons
facility to disable front panel
easy-access terminals on rear panel


Scaling factor 0.00001-999999 retained in non-volatile memory
programmable decimal point
tamper-protected programming


Counts up to 4,000,000,000 pulses
two high-current relay outputs (batch and pre-batch or batch and low-flow)
opto-isolated control inputs and outputs for greater noise immunity


Variable input sensitivity (200mV to 10V - overvoltage protected to 100V)
factory-fitted 115V or 230V AC supply
Transducer supply out: 10V to 12V DC


Available options include: high-sensitivity input (12mV to 150mV rms)
low flow output
0-5V or 4-20mA motor control output
15V to 35V DC supply