Magnetic Pickups

(Magnetic Pick-offs, Variable Reluctance Transducers)

Standard Magnetic Pickups

A selection of our typically-stocked magnetic pickups (speed sensors)

General purpose models suited to a variety of applications including engines, generators, large vehicles, marine

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magnetic pickups: MPU3638

custom magnetic pickups: mpu16nn

Custom Design and Manufacture

Magnetic pickup speed sensors designed and manufactured to custom specification.

Matched to specification of existing model or sensor designed to suit the application.

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Our MPEX range of intrinsically safe ATEX and IECEx certified magnetic pickup speed sensors.
General purpose models and custom design and manufacture.

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Intrinsically safe magnetic pickups: MPEX3638

SigPro-USB Signal Conditioning Module

Signal Conditioning & Displays

We manufacture a range of complimentary tachometers, counters, batch controllers and signal conditioning modules. Further information on these instruments can be found on our UK website.

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