200 Series

Counters and Tachometers


The 200 Series range of tachometers/counters is a reliable, competitively-priced solution which is easy to set up and use


4-decade, 14.2mm, high-brightness LED display with programmable decimal point

Scaling factor from 0.001 to 9999

Concealed programming buttons

200 Series Fascia Panel

Customisation Options

The 200 series can be customised to order. In addition to the DC supply and high-sensitivity input, these units can be specified with an analogue input module and a splash-proof cover

For any other customisation requests please contact our office


115V/230V AC Supply (15 to 35V DC available optionally)

Transducer supply out: 10V to 12V DC unregulated @ 80mA max


Accepts a wide range of signal inputs

Variable input signal sensitivity 200mV to 10V

Optional high-sensitivity input


Featuring external start, stop, and reset functions, and with a 3okHz maximum input signal, our 200 Series Counters can count up to 4 billion pulses.

Typical applications include:

  • Production counter
  • Length measurement
  • Flow totaliser (scaled in litres, gallons, etc.)


Featuring a user-selectable dual function, our 200 Series Tachometers can accept an input of up to 30kHz in frequency mode or 15kHz in ratio mode.

Typical applications include:

  • Indication of shaft RPM
  • Ratio of two shaft or roller speeds
  • Linear speed of conveyor or process material
  • Flow rate measurement (scaled in litres/min, ml/sec etc.)