2000 Series

Counters | Tachometers | Timers


The 6-decade display allows for a programmable scaling factor from 0.000001 to 999999 (+/-)


The 2000 series is easy to set up and operate with terminals on the rear panel making connections quick and simple

2000 Series Front Panels


A huge range of user-customisable options are available for this range.

Please contact our sales office to discuss your requirements


Factory-fitted 115V or 230V AC supply (DC supply option available)
10V-12V DC output


Accepts a wide range of signal inputs

Variable input signal sensitivity (200mV to 10V - overvoltage protected to 100V)

Please visit our Support/Downloads page to download Brochures and User Guides for 2000 Series instruments.


  • dedicated range of counters with many variations available to order
  • non-volatile count (count is retained if power is lost)
  • counts up to 4,000,000,000 pulses (suitable for use with a small scaling factor, e.g. for flow measurement applications)
  • count up and count down inputs
  • compatible with quad bidirectional signal
  • batch and pre-batch outputs
  • facility for external start, stop and reset switches


  • production counter
  • length measurement
  • flow totaliser (scaled in barrels, litres, ml, etc)
  • cut-to-length systems
  • batch counting with slow down signal at pre-batch set point


  • quadrature counters for count-up or count-down integrity check




  • dedicated range of tachometers with many variations available to order
  • dual-channel A and B inputs - 3okHz max single inout, 15 kHz max with dual inputs
  • separate settings - all user-settable parameters are independent for each channel and each function
  • dual function (frequency and ratio)
  • high and low alarms (open collector)


  • indication of shaft rpm
  • ratio of two shaft or roller speeds
  • percentage difference between two shaft speeds
  • linear speed of conveyor or process material
  • flow rate measurement (scaled as required eg. litres/min, ml/sec, etc.)
  • frequency deviation from a programmed mean


  • quadrature tachometers for direction of movement detection
  • averaging over long periods of time (ratemeter)
  • "peak hold" tachometer
  • latching, pulsed, or toggled alarm (open collector)



  • dedicated range of timers with many variations available to order
  • counts in milliseconds, displays seconds, minutes, or tenths of hours
  • remote start, stop and reset


  • process control in timed steps
  • warning of interim stages
  • total lapsed time indication


  • latching, pulsed or toggled alarm (open collector)

2000V Velocity Meter

  • The 2000V is a variation on the standard 2000T tachometer. It measures the time between pulses generated by an object passing between two sensors and from this calculates the velocity of the object.
  • The two pulses are usually applied to input A (I/P) and input B (I/P) - terminals 10 and 12 on the rear of the instrument, although it is possible to combine the two signals and apply them to input A only. 


2000CT Combined Counter/Tachometer

  • The 2000CT is designed to accept a pulsed signal from either one or two sources and the display can be switched to show the rate of the input signal or the total count as and when required.
  • Both options are continuously monitored and either may be instantaneously selected by pressing a button on the front panel. A high and low alarm can be set for the rate value and the appropriate output will be activated when the value falls outside either limit.