Temperature Sensors

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Our range of temperature sensors, switches and probes, designed for generators (gen-sets) and other large engine applications.

Reliability, Guaranteed

We place great emphasis on the quality and reliability of our product and all of our temperature sensors are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

TPA Temperature Probes

Our TPA temperature probes are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The probes provide a continuous indication of temperature, based on one of a number of technologies.

Ideally suited for OEMs, the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the probe can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Temperature Sensors: Thermistor Temperature Probe

Thermistor Temperature Probe

Continuous Temperature Measurement

Thermistor, RTD or thermocouple devices

Fully Electronic Solutions

In addition, we can offer fully electronic microprocessor based solutions.
High accuracy and linearity with range of output options available

Fully customizable

Mechanical and electrical design to customer specification
Call our sales team to discuss your requirements

Cost effective

Cost effective OEM solutions for the volume market

TPS Temperature Switches

Our TPS temperature switches provide over-temperature alarms or cutoff, typically used for monitoring oil or coolant.

TPS switches feature high quality and reliability bi-metal devices, which have factory set switching points and differentials to suit the application.

TPS switches can be normally open or normally closed. Body styles are custom manufactured to suit the mounting requirements of the application.

For more information please contact our sales office.

TSW Temperature Switches

Our TSW temperature switches were designed for 24Vdc control systems (e.g. gen-sets) to provide over-temperature sensors (alarms) for oil or coolant.

These switches are a direct replacement for existing bi-metal switches. The standard switch has a 2-wire configuration (e.g. blade terminals) and can switch either to ground or to supply, with a negligible voltage drop of around 2V.

The switches are fully electronic with microprocessor control, providing a more accurate and customizable alternative to the bi-metal device. As the TSW temperature switches are not limited by the manufacturing constraints of a bi-metal device, any switching temperature within the operating range can be factory set, along with any value for the hysteresis. Low alarm or tolerance band configurations are also possible.

24Vdc Generator Systems

Innovative new design for temperature alarm switch, optimized for generators with 24Vdc systems.

Microprocessor Control

High accuracy, fully customizable
Customer defined switching temperatures and hysteresis.

Custom alarm parameters

Over-temperature, under-temperature or outside of defined temperature band

No moving parts

High reliability, with no switching limit;
Novel design allows switching to supply or to ground (both NPN and PNP configuration), with low (~2V) voltage drop across switch.

Cost effective

Customer defined body style (geometry, thread etc.)
Low cost OEM solution for the volume market.